Official Refreshment Stations

There are two official refreshment stations on the course at about 2.5k and 5km marks. One at Start and finish and one after the Marina. Please note the refreshments are only available when passing them on your right hand side to avoid crossing the course in front of other athletes.

The official Refreshment/Handling Zones shall be marked clearly by signs “beginning” and “end” and will be approximately 400 m long.

Official refreshment tables will be provided with Water/mineral waters without gas, electrolyte beverages, bananas and other fruits, Cola, glucose/sugar, salt, biscuits etc…

At the end of every refreshment, zone sponges will be available.

Tables will also be provided for ultra participants only, for personal food and beverages, not for marathon participants.

Competitors can use their own personal drinks and food at all official Refreshments Stations provided.

  • All personal food and beverages must be placed in bags clearly marked with the competitor’s name and race number and handed to a designated race official at the refreshment table at the start line before the race begins.

Allowed support in the Official Refreshment/Handling Zones

  • In the official Refreshment/Handling Zones, the handlers and coaches may put the refreshments into the hands of the athletes.
  •  During the handover of drinks and food, the handlers may accompany the athletes within the Refreshment/Handling Zone, but other competitors in no case may be obstructed.
  • Team management can support athletes for any shoe and dress change.
  • Any medical support is permitted e.g. treatment of smaller injuries, blisters, by massages etc.
  • Transmission of information of any kind is also permitted.

Note: All this support is allowed only within the Official Refreshment/Handling Zones – not in the Drinking/Sponging Stations.

Toilet Facilities

Toilets and at the start/finish line.

Shower facilities are available in the marina area (2.k from event village)

We recommend runners to bring their own towel, wipes and water for a wash for after the race. Showers are a fair distance away especially after running. Water Ways Ireland might decide to close the public facility if misused or if necessary.

Portable toilets will also be available during the event.

Car Parking

Car parking is available near the forest. Marshals will direct cars on arrival.

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